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Hurricane Town (2006) Album - re-mastered + bonus material

Image of Hurricane Town (2006) Album - re-mastered + bonus material


Rock Candy's 2006 re-mastered re-release of Stampede's classic first studio album Hurricane Town (originally released by Polydor in 1983).

Includes a 16 page colour commemorative booklet, foreword by Reuben Archer and extended sleevenotes by Malcom Dome and Dante Bonutto. Also includes 4 bonus tracks from Lautrec (Reuben and Laurence's project pre-Stampede).

Track listing:

1. I've Been Told
2. Love Letters
3. Casino Junkie
4. Other Side
5. Turning In Circles
6. Hurricane Town
7. Girl
8. Runner
9. Mexico

Bonus Tracks:

10. Midnight at the Moulin Rouge
11. Red Light Ruby
12. Mean Gasoline
13. Shoot Out The Lights

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